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SpaceMan 99 - Screenshots

This image shows the SpaceMan 99 main window. As you can see the top half is similar to Windows File Explorer, except that each folder also shows the total amount of disk space used by all files under it. Also, each file shown in the list in the top right panel has a symbol next to it that shows if any other copies of the file have been found.

The bottom half shows duplicate files. The list in the bottom left panel shows each set of identical files found, one set per line. The list in the bottom right panel shows the identical files in the currently selected set.

Screenshot showing SpaceMan 99 main window

Brief description of main areas

Folder BrowserLets you browse the folders on your system. Click the check-box next to the top level folder you want to scan. Sub-folders will automatically be scanned.
File BrowserShows the files and sub-folders in the current folder.
Duplicates ListShows all the duplicate files that have been found. Each line is a set of duplicate files.
Duplicate FilesShows each of the files in the currently selected duplicates set.
Current FolderShows the path to the currently selected folder. In addition to using the folder browser, you can type or paste into this box to select a different folder.
ToolbarContains buttons for some of the most common commands.
Find Duplicate OptionsLets you control how duplicates are found. For example, if you want absolute certainty that duplicate files are exactly the same, you can select a byte for byte comparison. However, if you want a faster scan you can get results more quickly by just comparing file checksums and size.