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ExtraBits - Adds time-saving commands to Windows File Explorer

ExtraBits - Delete Empty Folders Command

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ExtraBits is an extension for the File Explorer application that comes with Windows. ExtraBits adds a number of time-saving commands to the context menu that appears when you right click on a selection of files or folders.

This page describes the commands delete empty folders command that lets you find and delete empty folders.
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Screenshot of delete empty folders menu command

This command is useful in two ways:

Helps to prevent accidental deletion of files

This command provides complete peace of mind if you ever want to delete a folder that you think is empty.

The usual Windows command to delete a folder will always delete any files and sub-folders that a folder contains.

By using the Delete Empty Folders command, you can be sure you are not accidentally deleting a folder that does contain some files.

Helps tidy folders after files have been deleted

Whenever files are automatically deleted, it is often the case that empty folders get left behind.

Possible ways that this can happen include:

  • Developers using a source control system such as Perforce.
  • Developers using project maintenance commands such as make clean
  • Using Windows Search to find files and using the results list to delete files.

The delete empty folders command:

  • Scans the selected folders to find any subfolders that contain no files
  • Shows you the empty folders found, and lets you delete them (see screenshot below)
  • Automatically deletes the folder if a single empty folder is selected
  • Only shows the top empty folder whenever a hierarchy of empty folders is found
  • Only appears if one or more folders are selected in File Explorer

Screenshot showing Delete Empty Folders dialog Screenshot showing Delete Empty Folders dialog