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Dice - roll dice on your phone with this free J2ME application


Roll dice on your phone

Free Download
dice.jar (390 KB)

To download OTA, visit the following URL on your WAP-enabled phone:

System requirements
J2ME MIDP-2 capable phone

Dice Overview

Roll dice on your mobile phone (cell phone).

Ideal for those situations where you can't decide between a number of options - just agree what roll indicates which option and let your phone decide!

You can select to roll any of the following dice:

D4 One 4-sided die
Rolls 1 - 4
4-sided dice, showing score of 4
D6 One 6-sided die
Rolls 1 - 6
6-sided dice, showing score of 6
D8 One 8-sided die
Rolls 1 - 8
8-sided dice, showing score of 8
D10 One 10-sided die
Rolls 0 - 9
10-sided dice, showing score of 0
D12 One 12-sided die
Rolls 1 - 12
12-sided dice, showing score of 12
D20 One 20-sided die
Rolls 1 - 20
20-sided dice, showing score of 20
D100 Two 10-sided dice
Rolls 1 - 100
2 10-sided dice, showing score of 42
2 D6 Two 6-sided dice
Rolls 2 - 12
2 6-sided dice, showing score of 7
4 D6 Four 6-sided dice
Rolls 4 - 24
4 6-sided dice, showing score of 14
4 D6
best 3
Four 6-sided dice,
best three scores
Rolls 3 - 18
4 6-sided dice, showing score of 16 (best 3)



If you have a way to send files to your phone from your PC, such as a cable or bluetooth, you can simply download the Dice JAR file and send it to your phone.

Otherwise, you will need to download it OTA (Over The Air). You can enter www.extrabit.com/wap in your WAP browser. This page has a link to download the Dice JAR file. Note that downloading the file OTA may incur charges from your network operator. The JAR file is 390 KB.


Dice is a J2ME (mobile Java) application, which requires MIDP-2 (a mobile Java profile). If you check the technical specifications of your phone you should be able to see whether it supports this. Most modern Java capable phone will support MIDP-2.

In addition, the size of the JAR file may cause compatibility problems. 390 KB may be too large for some phones. The maximum JAR size may be shown in the technical specifications for your phone.

Terms and Conditions

This application is free, but it is not public domain. Dice is Copyright 2007 ExtraBit Software, All Rights Reserved.

The Dice application is provided "as is" and with no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The Dice application must not be distributed (including hosting on any other web site) without prior written authorization from ExtraBit Software.