Paste Filename command

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The Paste Filename command renames the selected file or folder using the text in the clipboard.

This is equivalent to selecting the following commands in Windows Explorer: File > Rename File ; CTRL + V ; Return

The Paste Filename command only appears if a single file or folder is selected. It also only appears if the clipboard contains text that can be used as a filename.

Text can only be used as a filename if:

The text is shorter than 260 characters in length.
Note: even if the text is shorter than 260 characters, this may still be too long for a filename since Windows has a limit of 260 characters for the entire path to a file, not just the filename.

The text does not contains any of the characters that are illegal in filenames:
\ / : * ? " < > |

The text does not contain any control characters such as carriage return, new line or tab.


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