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CopyFilenames - Editions

CopyFilenames Editions

CopyFilenames is available in two editions. The differences between the two editions is shown below.

  CopyFilenames CopyFilenames Pro
Copy Filenames command Check Check
Copy Filenames command can copy full path (hold SHIFT) Check Check
Copy Filename And Delete command Check Check
Paste Filename command Check Check
Options panel to allow other file attributes to be added
(Hold CTRL while selecting Copy Filenames command)
Check Check
Options panel allows sub-folders to be scanned Cross Check
Menu commands can be configured (added, removed, reordered or renamed) Cross Check
Menu commands can added to a sub-menu Cross Check
User defined menu commands that generate customized text Cross Check
Paste Filename (Not Ext.) command, which leaves extension unchanged Cross Check
Commercial use allowed Cross Check
Cost FREE $10